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Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. is an innovative and designer company in the field of designing and manufacturing thermal analysis laboratory devices. Using its technical and engineering capabilities, this company has been able to market high-quality devices with reliable performance. With a focus on innovation and research, Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. is recognized as a pioneer in the thermal analysis laboratory industry.
By producing thermal analysis laboratory devices, Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. has enabled its customers to use advanced and accurate equipment in their research and experiments. These devices provide accurate and correct measurement capabilities by using modern technologies and complying with international standards, and assure customers that the results of their tests are reliable.
Due to the advanced technologies used in the devices designed by Dama Pajouh Arvin Co., these devices are known as an essential tool for various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, food and material engineering industries. In addition, Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. has been able to gain the trust of its customers by providing professional after-sales services and technical support and is recognized as a reliable name in the market.
Due to its focus on quality, innovation and after-sales services, Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. is recognized as a leading company in the industry of designing and manufacturing thermal analysis laboratory devices and is always committed to improving and expanding its activities.

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The products of Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. are innovatively designed to meet the needs of customers accurately. These products are easy to use and highly reliable, allowing customers to benefit from their extraordinary performance. Each of these products represents a unique investment because they have made significant improvements in service delivery by considering the real needs of customers. Also, the superior customer support of these products shows their reliability and high quality.
Thermal analyzers are instruments used to measure heat flow, weight loss, dimensional change, or mechanical properties as a function of temperature. These tools are known as a branch of material science, i.e. thermal analysis, and study the effect of temperature changes on material properties. Thermal analysis techniques are used in various industries including polymers, composites, pharmaceuticals, food, energy, petroleum, inorganic and organic chemicals and many others. Understanding the behavior of a material at different temperatures is very important because this information is very important for the design, processing and final use of finished products.

Thermal analyzers are one of the common tools in material science and physical chemistry that are used to investigate the thermal properties of materials. These analyzers include different types of devices, each of which has its own characteristics and applications.
The most common thermal analyzers include differential scanning calorimeters, thermographic analyzers, simultaneous thermal analyzers, high pressure differential scanning calorimeters, high pressure thermographic analyzers, dynamic mechanical analyzers, and thermomechanical analyzers. Each of these devices has the ability to measure and record thermal changes in materials, and depending on the type and intended application, they are a good choice for checking the thermal properties of different materials.
The properties investigated in these analyzes include melting, crystallization, glass transition, crosslinking, oxidation, decomposition, evaporation, humidity, coefficient of thermal expansion and modulus. These tests allow the user to investigate structure-property relationships, end performance, composition, processing, stability, and molecular structure and mobility, and gain a better understanding of the thermal properties of materials and their performance under various conditions.
Using strict standards and using the latest technology in the field of designing and manufacturing thermal analysis devices, Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. has been able to market equipment that has high accuracy, reliability and repeatability. The diverse products of this company include different models that are designed based on the different needs of laboratories and manufacturing industries. These products have suitable configurations for research and development with high sensitivity as well as guaranteeing quality and high power.
The automation features in these devices allow labs to maximize productivity in all of their testing environments without the need for constant maintenance. In this way, thermal analysis devices of Dama Pajouh Arvin Co. are used as a vital tool in research and production activities and help to improve the performance and accuracy of various processes.

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